How to Jump Start a Diesel Truck With Two Batteries

Like any vehicle, a diesel truck may need a jump to start. If you don’t know what it looks like, under the hood of your truck, you might want to take a glance. There’s a chance your diesel truck might have two batteries. If you’re a new truck driver, the two batteries are useful in providing high enough amps to handle the resistance load of diesel energy when it’s started. A dead battery can occur anywhere. It usually happens when you’re in the worst possible situation it seems. Knowing the difference between an ordinary gasoline vehicle and a diesel vehicle and the association with the batteries is important. 

During the jumping process, it’s best to use a truck with two batteries. However, there are simple ways to use a single battery truck.

Don’t be intimidated. Learning how to jump start a diesel truck with two batteries takes a few simple steps. 

1. Pop the Hood

To access the batteries you’ll need to look under the hood of the truck. 

Pull the lever or push the button in your truck to unlock the hood of the vehicle. Once you’re out of your truck you’ll need to feel around for a lever to release the safety lock on the hood.

Under the hood it’ll be relatively easy to find the battery cells in a diesel truck. They’re usually in an easy to see position unlike some smaller vehicle makes. 

Make sure the hood stays open with the use of a metallic bar or a spring-loaded hood that stays in place without support. 

2. Move the Jump Vehicle

Move the vehicle used for the jumping process into position before you attach the cables to the diesel truck’s batteries. 

Both vehicles should be in the park position if they’re automatic, or neutral if they’re manual transmissions. You’ll also want to ensure the lights and other accessories of your vehicle are off before the jump start begins. 

Turn on the heater in the vehicle with the dead battery to protect the electrical system of the vehicle. 

3. How to Jump Start a Diesel Truck with Two Batteries

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty. 

Make sure the engine is off on the vehicle being used for the jump.

You’ll need to determine which battery on the diesel truck has thicker cables. The thicker cables will be the battery you connect the jumper cables to. If both cable thickness is the same, either battery can be jumped. 

The red clamp cable should be attached to the positive terminal lug of the disabled vehicle’s battery first and then attached to the vehicle with the charged battery. The same should be done with the negative cable but this can also be attached to any metal and unpainted portion of the charged vehicle. 

Once connected, start the engine of the car with the good battery and then start the engine of the one with the bad battery. They should be connected for about 10 to 15 minutes so you can charge the battery properly. 

It’s now safe to turn off the vehicle with the good battery, but leave the “bad” battery vehicle running for a bit more. 

Additional Tips and Tricks

Although you may think your truck’s battery is good to go, the car that needed to be jumped should be left parked without driving for 15 to 30 minutes. 

Letting the vehicle sit gives it the proper time to adjust to the charge. You also shouldn’t be running any electrical components during this process.

Make sure you’re checking with the donor car’s battery too before the jumping process. You need enough power to ignite your truck’s engine. Without sufficient voltage, you could damage the other car’s battery during the process leaving you both stranded.

The process seems simple, but little tips and tricks can go a long way when you are dealing with car and truck batteries.  

Once you’re back on the road, your first stop should be a mechanic or auto store to replace your battery. Although the jump gets your truck running, a new battery is a necessity. This will ensure it doesn’t happen again. 

Know the Signs

There are a few signs that become evident when your vehicle is close to needing a new battery. 

Often, when you turn the ignition the vehicle will crank and skip. The hesitancy to start is usually battery related but could be a belt issue under the hood. If you can’t crank the truck without depressing the gas pedal, there’s a problem. 

A battery close to its end of life will cause your vehicle to run sluggish, backfire during ignition, and other annoying signs. Catching these before you need a jump is important before you learn how to jump start a diesel truck with two batteries. 

If it does need a jump, you should change both batteries in the truck to ensure a proper connection. 

Performance You Can Trust

When it comes to the performance of your vehicle, you want a business you can trust.

Learning how to jump start a diesel truck with two batteries is a tricky process. Although you may have that handled it well, there are other important repairs to keep track of with your vehicle.

If you aren’t well versed in the parts or performance space, Diesel Performance Specialist can help. 

We’re a company specializing in diesel repair services. Whether that’s brakes, overall care, engine repair, or anything in between, give us a call. 

Give us a call for your free second opinion after you visit another shop or to schedule an appointment. Our staff will double-check the report and provide you with accurate and reliable information. 

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