How to Make Your Truck’s Brakes Last Longer

Brake pads last anywhere from three to seven years. However, there are many reasons why brake pads wear out faster than they should. By learning how to avoid these driving practices and by following other tips, you can find ways to make your truck brakes last longer. 

Do you want help with 4×4 services and learning more about diesel truck care? Keep reading this article to for easy tips to extend the lifespan of the brakes on your truck. 

Stop Speeding

One of the easiest ways that you can protect the brakes on your diesel truck is to stop speeding. Speeding in your truck is not only dangerous, but it also wears out your brakes must faster. 

This is because driving at a higher speed requires more energy and brake material to stop your truck. 

Speeding also makes it more likely that you have to stop and go more often, as you can get stuck behind slower drivers. Instead, it is best to drive the spread limit to protect your brakes. 

Similarly, you must widen the gap between your truck and other vehicles on the road. Tailgating another car or not leaving enough space between your vehicles may result in you using your brakes more often or harder. With a larger gap between your vehicles, you will be a safer driver and your brakes will last longer. 

Start Coasting When Possible

It is also helpful to avoid using your brakes when possible. Instead of regularly using your brakes, you can start coasting to a stop when possible.

Rather than pressing the brake pedal, you can simply take your foot off the gas so your truck will naturally slow down. Even if you still have to use the brakes to stop completely, this practice will lessen the wear and tear on your brakes. 

If you see a red light ahead or notice that people are slowing down around you, you can try coasting to slow down. 

Don’t Overload Your Truck

Next, you must not overload your truck as you are driving. Having a heavy load makes it more difficult for your truck to stop and will require more brake material. This also means that it can decrease the life of your brakes. 

By lightening the load of your truck, your brakes will not have to work as hard to slow your vehicle. You can try lightening your load by removing any unnecessary belongings before you start driving and by recognizing the amount of weight your truck can safely carry. 

With a lighter vehicle, you can protect your tires and brakes and keep them in good shape for longer. 

Shift Gears Going Downhill

Another helpful tip that you can use to lower the wear on your brakes is to try engine braking. This is done by shifting gears as you are going downhill. This will allow your engine to do the work of slowing your truck down, rather than pressing the brakes the entire time you are driving down a steep hill or mountain. 

Just make sure that you don’t shift gears at too high of a speed and don’t jump to too low of a gear. This can lead to damage to your engine & transmission. 

Even if you don’t want to attempt engine braking, you can simply apply and release your brakes several times as you go downhill. This will prevent you from keeping your foot on the brake for too long, but it will still help you slow down. 

Don’t Use Both Pedals

When you are driving, it is important that you only use one pedal at a time. Often, people use their left foot to push their brakes while they drive, as it may improve their reaction time. However, this may result in you pushing both pedals at once. 

If you push the gas and the brakes, it causes excess friction and can wear out your brakes much faster. 

Instead, it is best to only use your right foot for both of your pedals as you drive. 

Invest in Good-Quality Products

Something else that can help your brakes last longer is investing in high-quality products, to begin with. While some car parts can be expensive investments, you will find that you get more use from brake pads that are of better quality. 

Rather than looking for the cheapest option for your brake pads, you may consider asking your mechanic about what types of brakes would meet the demands on the way you drive. 

Get Your Brakes Inspected

Finally, you need to get your brakes inspected by a professional. This is something that should be done at least once a year, but it can be done more often if you are noticing any problems with your brakes. 

It is important to take your truck into a professional repair shop, as the trained employees will be able to catch brake problems that other people may not be able to see. 

These brake services can help you avoid problems with your brake performance and will keep your brakes functioning smoothly for years.

Get Help With Brakes & Diesel Truck Care

When you own a truck, you must take time to maintain it so that it lasts longer. Whether you want to improve your engine maintenance or your tires, proper truck maintenance will help in the long run. 

Are you looking for help with your brakes or with truck maintenance? Diesel Performance Specialist can help. Our team can help you with general maintenance, including electrical services, electronic services, heating and cooling services, transmission services and under-car services, and more. 

Contact us to learn about our truck services and to schedule an appointment today!

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