Top 3 Big Benefits of Getting a Diesel Truck an Oil Change

Diesel trucks or as we like to refer to them, workhorses, have almost single-handedly built America up over the years. Without the brute force and power of these vehicles, many jobs would be left unfinished.

With cult status achieved, looking after and maintaining your diesel truck is now easier than ever before. Maintaining your truck begins with changing the oil on time and at the right prescribed service interval. Read on below for the major benefits of giving a diesel truck an oil change!

How Often Should You Get Your Truck Oil Changed?

In the diesel truck world, there has always been a continuous debate on how long your truck should go before you change its engine oil. Most manufacturers recommend that you replace the oil every 10,000 miles or every year, whichever comes first.

It’s important to bear in mind that the manufacturers prescribe service intervals, take into account the person doing the oil change will use the correct grade oil that is recommended by the manufacturer. Therefore, it’s important that if you follow the manufacturer’s intervals you use the correct grade and brand of engine oil. 

The tricky part comes in when the diesel truck you have is being used in harsh conditions. The manufacturer won’t bear this in mind when prescribing service intervals and this is when your truck should get an oil change more regularly. 

If your truck is exposed to the harsh conditions below then you might want to re-think your service interval:

  • The climate and terrain where you are driving have lots of sand like a desert or continuous offroad use.
  • What your vehicle is used for(towing or hauling heavy loads)
  • What type of engine oil do you use? (fully synthetic or semi-synthetic)

The recommended service interval for such conditions would be six months or 7,000 miles for moderate hauling, and three months or 5,000 miles for heavy hauling and continuous driving through harsh conditions.

Why Are Oil Changes Important?

You might be wondering why oil changes are so important and why people continuously go on about the subject?

To put it in the shortest way possible, engine oil is responsible for lubricating the internal parts of your motor so all those metal pieces don’t grind together which will cause premature wear and ultimately lead to the failure of the engine.

When engine oil gets old it can sludge up, become thicker, and won’t be able to travel to the internal engine parts that need to be lubricated. Ultimately, it could be said that engine oil is the most important maintenance part of an internal combustion engine. 

Can an Oil Change Be Done at Home?

The short answer is yes you can change the oil out on your diesel truck at home if you know what you are doing. Make sure you have a flat piece of paved ground that is level, a robust trolley jack, and support for the chassis should the trolley jack fail. 

Accidents can happen very quickly at home so make sure you have all your bases covered and feel safe before you start lifting up the vehicle. If you are still very unsure then the work is better left up to the professionals.

Benefits of an Oil Change

Still not sure what are the major benefits of changing your engine oil on time and at the right mileage?

Save Money in the Long Run

Probably the biggest benefit you get out of doing a truck oil change is the amount of money you will save on costly repair bills. Sure, an engine oil change does cost money but it’s nothing compared to what an engine overall will cost.

The prices of parts keep on getting more and more expensive every year and sometimes the engine damage can be so severe that engine internals can’t be overalled and a complete unit has to be replaced.

To save money in the long run, definitely keep to the service intervals and more importantly use high-grade engine oil that’s proven to protect and keep your engine running for longer.

Find Other Problems

Believe it or not but changing your oil regularly can save you money on other repairs. While you or a garage is changing the oil, they are underneath the vehicle, and it is not so difficult to pick up any other leaks or wear on suspension parts. 

Major issues on vehicles generally start out with small leaks so if your rear main seal on your transmission is leaking, for instance, it is easily identified and replaced before the complete transmission fails and you are in for a costly repair. 

While the technician is done there he can also check your suspension for you and replace any part that needs to be done. This will ensure that your vehicle is in the safest working condition possible

Improves Mileage

An increase in dirt and sludge in your engine will increase your gas mileage by over two percent in some cases. This might not sound like a very high number but if you take it year on year (with the ever-increasing gas prices), it can save you a pretty penny in the end. 

The increased strain on your engine can also cause it to work harder which can relate to an increase in fuel usage because your vehicle has to use more of its horsepower to get the same result.

Save Money and Your Engine

Whichever way you look at it, there is no excuse not to do a truck oil change at the right time. With so many benefits it’s a wonder that people don’t take it more seriously and have it done. Changing your oil will ensure that your vehicle looks after you!

Are you looking to change out your engine oil? Need a professional to handle the entire process for you? Head on over to our page and make your booking today!

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